Human resources bespoke support

reducing your stress!

Many businesses simply don’t have or cannot afford the resources to manage human resource administration or employment relation issues effectively in-house. Our friendly consultants can provide you with a complete human resource service or can work on an ad-hoc basis supporting your in-house team.

At Oblitarisk our human resources consultants are chartered members of the institute of personnel and development. We understand the legal and practical issues you face as a manager and, most importantly, how to resolve them – quickly, responsibly and cost-effectively. We know dealing with employment relations issues can be a challenging, stressful and time-consuming task – while getting it wrong can be costly.

An oversight such as an out of date contract, a mismanaged performance review, grievance or discipline issue or any other disputes with your employees can leave you vulnerable to tribunal claims of discrimination or unfair dismissal, often amounting to thousands of pounds, whilst also bringing your company name into disrepute. Having your dedicated consultant just a phone call away is a very cost-effective way to get expert advice when you need it.

At Oblitarisk limited we don’t use scare tactics to gain more business.  We all see the media headline settlements at Employment Tribunal, it is important to remember that most claims never reach a Tribunal and the average compensation is under £9,000.  However, it is the hidden costs to an organisation which can be more damaging. Our ethos is to help you manage your organisation and work with you to manage the risks, ensuring good governance.

Here are some ways that we can help you to do this:

Employment contracts
By having a well written contract which specifically reflects your organisation’s circumstances, you can help ensure your employees understand their employment rights and responsibilities..

Policies & procedures
According to the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) “Introducing HR policies and procedures gives organisations the opportunity to offer a fair and consistent approach to managing their staff.” Research into performance at work by this organisation has identified 11 key policy or practice areas that are crucial to ensure effective people management and development:

Employee involvement, communication, training, learning & development, recruitment and selection, career opportunities, team working, performance appraisals, job security, job challenge/ autonomy and work- life balance.